What Exactly is Included in the Roof Lantern Cost?

Updated on July 23rd, 2019 at 11:57 am
Published on 10 October 2017

While natural light is a desirable feature of any home, the cost of glass and glazing is high and, therefore, it seems that home extensions like orangeries, conservatories and roof lanterns come at a high price.

What’s more, it may be that you can’t see how you’ll make your investment back by saving money on your electricity.

Therefore, if you are considering installing a roof lantern in your home, you may see it as a large financial burden. However, what feelings like these don’t cover is the fact that adding a roof lantern to your home is indeed a way of adding value to your property, and an increased amount of natural light in the home actually offers some surprising health benefits.

Therefore, what we find helpful here at Prestige Roof Lanterns UK is to explain the roof lantern cost, so that our customers have a good understanding of what they are investing in and aren’t too taken aback by the cost of roof lanterns.

Ultimately, we want less people to be deterred by the cost, but actually aware of the great value for money roof lanterns actually offer and what a vast improvement they make for many homes.

The larger the roof lantern, the more it costs

It seems fairly obvious that roof lanterns become more expensive depending on their size. The price of roof lanterns starts at around £1057 for a roof lantern that is 750 x 750 mm in size. When you get to roof lanterns that measure 3000 x 3000 mm, the cost grows to around £3117. This is clearly due to the amount of material required for roof lanterns of larger sizes.

There are additionally many different sizes of roof lanterns available which makes having a roof lantern a possibility for a range of budgets and a range of property styles.

How to save money when choosing your roof lantern

Despite popular belief, it is possible to save money when you come to buy a roof lantern. The following tips can help when you start thinking about buying your lantern:

  • Choose a cheaper type of wood

When it comes down to it, oak is the most expensive choice of wood for a roof lantern, similarly to other pieces of wood furniture.

Therefore, if you are tight on your budget, opt for a cheaper choice of wood, like Sapele that has a similar appearance to oak but is more affordable. In fact, we use Sapele wood as standard at Prestige Roof Lanterns UK, and admire the wood for its prestige appearance and impressive durability.

  • Opt for a smaller size

Opting for a smaller roof lantern is inevitably a cheaper alternative to roof lanterns of a larger size and can look equally impressive in a home.

Our DIY Kits are easy to install and are made to the same high quality as our standard roof lanterns. Therefore, if every penny counts, why not thinking about installing your roof lantern yourself?

More advice on the cost of roof lanterns

If you would like some more advice on the cost of roof lanterns, then please do not hesitate to contact us at Prestige Roof Lanterns UK.

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