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What is Ridge Capping?

“How does your ridge capping work?”

Roof Ridge capping is an essential part of installing a roof lantern, or when altering your roof in any way, that is often overlooked. This can be due to being more occupied with design plans, materials and, ultimately, the sheer amount of considerations required before installing a roof lantern.

What is Ridge Capping?

Ridge capping is, basically, the triangular shaped tiles that cover up the joins, or spaces, where two sides of a roof meet.

Ridge Capping ensures that the roof is rainproof and weatherproof because, if rain gets through the joins between the roof faces, the roof tiles could be lifted and damaged by the weather.

How is Ridge Capping held in Place?

On general roofing, cement holds the ridge capping in place and this cement is referred to as bedding.
That said, nowadays, the cement is often replaced with a rubber-based workable paste, this makes your roof more aesthetically pleasing.

How to Maintain Ridge Capping

There may be a need to replace your ridge capping if your ridge caps become worn down or cracked, and likely to be damaged by the weather. In addition, if your ridge capping is likely to break during the re-bedding process, then you will need to replace it. Re-bedding is when the ridge capping is re-laid on new cement.

Ridge Capping from Prestige Roof Lanterns UK

Here at Prestige Roof Lanterns UK, we provide a timber trim, as standard, that sits on top of the glass roof at the ridge apex, this trim is then dressed on the top with lead. The lead is supplied by a different, credible company and, when placed on the roof apex, overlaps the tops of the aluminium caps.

Prestige Roof Lanterns UK recommend this decorative trim because it is a traditional detail, and provides superior weatherproofing.

There is also an option for an aluminium roof ridge cap (at additional cost). However, we think that aluminium ridge caps are not as aesthetically pleasing as the leaded detail, and relies on careful installation as well as silicone sealant, in order to be fully weatherproof.

For more information on Ridge Capping, call Prestige Roof Lanterns UK on 0843 886 7949 – or make an enquiry.

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