“Skylights for Uninhabited Areas in Residential & Commercial Property”

Skylights follow the principle of roof lanterns; however, skylights as a product are very different from roofing lanterns. Skylights can be very small (as little as 250 x 250), whereas roof lanterns generally start at 750 x 750. Skylights allow light to enter a property either through a flat roof, pitched roof or as a part of the properties roof structure.

Prestige Roof Lanterns can manufacture and supply skylights (sometimes referred to as pitched roof windows or roof lights). Our skylights are manufactured from either timber or oak hardwood and can be styled to fit your properties profile.

We can also source skylights from various manufacturers (depending on lead time / prices / product customisation). Typical product sizes include 40cm x 40cm, 45cm x 73cm, 46cm x 55cm, 48cm x 90cm and more.

Our Most Popular Roof Windows

Flat Roof Windows

Simple yet sophisticated, our flat roof skylights are perfect if you want to bring some natural light into your property. New build homes will significantly benefit from flat roof products because they’re a no-frills approach to improving your property.

We offer a range of shapes, sizes and accessories.

Domed Roof Lanterns

Bring style to your home’s exterior with a stunning skylight designed to catch sunlight from all angles. Our domed roof window designs can lighten up your property and reflect natural light to fill your home.

Whether you want to make your hallways more accessible or brighten up your living space, we use the highest quality materials to bring you contemporary solutions for this traditional roofing solution.

Orangery Roof Lanterns

An orangery roofing system has to let light flood the room, and the best way to achieve this is with roof lantern installation. Take your orangery to a new level with our diverse rooflights that suit traditional and modern homes.

Both practical and aesthetically appealing, our orangery lanterns are designed to make an impression.

Skylight Types

Our expert designers will consider its placement and intended use on your property to provide a design recommendation. For example, a skylight would not be practical on the part of the roof exposed to the least amount of light as it would defeat the principle.

Timber & Oak Skylights

Our timber and oak skylights can be made to almost any size and style. However, we generally do not manufacture skylights smaller than 500 x 500. We do not use stock skylights. Instead, they are made on request.

We make each skylight to an exact size/specification. We request these if you choose to go ahead. Our designers will create a mockup CAD drawing that will reflect the product in 3D along with dimensions (L X H X W).

Aluminium Rooflight Options

Aluminium is one of the most durable and sustainable materials, making it perfect for roof window installation. It’s also highly configurable, and our team of designers can create rafters that start from 44mm.

We recommend aluminium rafters if you want a sturdy rooflight design but don’t want to compromise on the amount of natural light your home attracts.

Discover Our Aluminium Rooflights 

Skylight Styles – Curved, Domed or Custom made

Prestige manufactures skylights in various styles, from bespoke to curved or domed. The glass panel arrangement can be configured to a pitch (Depending on the shape of the skylight). A popular shape choice for this product is circular and domed. They are more compact than roof lanterns; they are ideal for smaller roof areas where the structure is flat.

The skylights can be coloured or given a wood stain using farrow and ball paints. You can also customise the glass and glazing options from single to triple glazed. Each unit comes as an argon-filled unit.

Choose your size, style (shape and colour/stain), provide size specifications and features, and we’ll do the rest. Our quotes are FREE, fill out our call back request form or call the number above to speak to a team member.

Our skylights are manufactured using premium quality materials using the latest in automated CNC machining and manual craftsmanship.

Other Skylight Products

Rooflight Ornamentation

Achieve the right aesthetic appeal with our ornamentation designs. We offer a wide range of decorations, including spikes and balls, which emulate the Victorian style. Adding these small finishing touches can turn a functional roof window into a style statement.

Hardwood Roofing Systems

Hardwood has a rustic appeal, and its diversity means you can find a shade that suits all tastes. From dark wood to lighter tones, our hardwood roofing systems are sustainable options that promote green living.

All of our wood has the FSC certification, and we can modify it to suit your style and design preferences.

Take Advantage of Our DIY Systems

As one of the UK’s leading roof lantern manufacturers, we aim to make the design and installation process as simple as possible. Our DIY rooflight kits are made to your specifications, and then we’ll send them out for delivery.

You’ll be able to put the system together using screws and bolts. Our team of experts is always available to offer support should you need it.

Convenient, cost-effective and designed to fit your needs, you can learn more about our DIY rooflight systems today.

Inspiration Rediscovered

With so many materials and designs to choose from, we understand that it’s challenging to make a choice. Everything our designers create is based on the concept of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

When both work in unison, they create superior results for any household. Rediscover inspiration with our gallery of previous work. You’ll be able to see type types of roof windows we design and the finished results.

If you’re looking for some clarity, please feel free to view our gallery and rediscover inspiration for your roof windows.

Contact Us Today

If you’d like to know more about our unique rooflight installation services, please feel free to contact our friendly customer service team. We’re happy to discuss our full range of roof lanterns and would love to learn about your project.

We can inject some aesthetics into your roofing system with a range of useful accessories such as window access, electrical components, and ornaments.

Each of our products requires minimal maintenance and will enhance the interior of your home. Our customers always come first, and we’re confident that once you see our selection of roof lanterns that inject daylight into your property, your search will be over.

Please feel free to give us a call or use our helpful contact form to get in touch, and we’ll respond ASAP.

Learn more about The Health Benefits of Natural Light from Your Skylight Windows

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