Roof Lanterns as a Functional Part of a Home

Updated on September 10th, 2021 at 10:14 am
Published on 23 October 2017

Want to save money on your electricity bills? Fancy brightening up your dark living space? Roof lanterns make the most of natural light in your house and are friendlier to the environment. Even better, they add more of a relaxing feel to a dark room or even make a room more conducive to work.

Fresh, open, roomy environments always seem to have a calming effect, enhancing our mood and lifting our spirits, just like a spectacular view from a window or a clear, warm, sunny day. We have an innate desire for the changes the seasons bring us, the weather as well as the time of day. All these sensory stimuli help us feel happy.

Therefore, introducing as much natural light into your home will enrich your well-being.

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Contemporary Roof Lanterns in a Home

Contemporary roof lanterns offer a real wow-factor by drenching your home with natural light, making them ideal for conservatories, orangeries, kitchen extensions or dark rooms. At night, lanterns provide spectacular views of the stars.

Roof lanterns contain glazed pieces of glass separated by aluminium trims, which meet in the middle to form a pitch, giving the illusion of a higher ceiling. They’re tremendously low-maintenance, super-energy efficient, and add up to three times more natural light than vertical windows – no wonder they’re so popular!

The main job of lantern roof lights is to provide natural light where it would otherwise be difficult to incorporate into a building. Also called roof lantern lights or skylights, a roof lantern is an architectural element; it’s essentially a ceiling window, which delivers natural night to the home in which it’s fitted. It’s installed in a roof or ceiling at the same angle, meaning the room won’t need to border external walls to be flooded with daylight.

Will Lantern Lights Work in My Property?

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Roof lanterns are wonderful for any type of property whether new, old or traditional.

A roof lantern could provide the ideal solution if you’re looking for a way of bringing increased natural light in a room. Contrasting to regular windows, which are installed vertically along outside walls, roof lanterns are fitted horizontally on both pitched and flat roofs.

Lantern roofs make any home appealing to a potential buyer, too. It’s a real highlight in the home, whether viewed from the outside or inside. When daylight hours are shorter in the winter months, you’ll enjoy all the available daylight, improving rooms generally.

Lantern roof lights are also an excellent choice for extensions, thanks to the ability to let light in from above.

Benefits of Roof Lantern Lights

There are many advantages to fitting lanterns. They:

• Let up to three times more natural light into your property than windows
• Cut down your energy bills, as you don’t need to use electricity to power your rooms
• Offer an environmentally-friendly lighting solution for your home or commercial property
• Look visually appealing, both internally and externally
• Boast enhanced thermal efficiency
• Match with your interior and exterior décor
• Minimise the chance of seasonal affective disorder

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