How to make your home to look more natural with lantern roof windows

Updated on July 23rd, 2019 at 11:57 am
Published on 14 August 2017

There is something truly special about a home that has a natural aesthetic. Homes with neutral colours on the walls and earthy fabrics appear spacious, calming and clean.

Natural colours suit both modern and traditional homes, and there are many ways you can give your home a natural makeover.

If you would like to add the touch of mother nature to your home, you can do so in the following ways:

  • Put up photos of the natural environment on the walls. Whether you choose the beach, the forest or woods, the city or other, having photos on the walls of natural locations will highlight the beauty of mother nature and make you feel closer to the outdoors in your home.
  • Incorporate earthy fabrics in your property’s interior. Having earth-coloured fabrics scattered around your home will again add a sense of calm and relaxation to your interior.
  • Opt for light-coloured curtains over dark ones. If you would like your home to appear as light and as natural as possible, opt for lighter colours to further bring light into your home.
  • Choose open lampshades and bright chandeliers and light. Opting for light bulbs and lampshades that brighten the home can help it feel lighter, fresher and more spacious.
  • Wooden blinds on windows can again enhance the natural elements of your home and make more of a natural-looking alternative to false fabric blinds.
  • Have lantern roof windows installed. Even better than a ceiling light or lampshade, a roof lantern or skylight allows the maximum amount of natural light into your property’s interior. Natural light offers numerous benefits over artificial light, even having the added health benefits of extra vitamin D and other uplifting elements associated with the properties of natural light. When the natural light of a roof lantern shines into your property’s interior, the room immediately becomes better lit, and every aspect of the room is more visible.

What are the benefits of having a more natural-looking home interior?

Natural aesthetics most definitely have a calming effect on the human body, making people feel freer and more relaxed.

As a general rule, dark colours tend to make rooms look smaller and more crowded While some people prefer bright colours on the walls, more natural and earthy aesthetics can be more advantageous for mindfulness and also when you come to put the property on the market.

Make your property more natural

If you would like to make the interior of your property more natural-looking with a roof lantern, then please contact us at Prestige Roof Lanterns UK.

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