Walk on Flat Glass Rooflights

“Make an impression, let the light flood in with high strength, triple glazed walk on glass rooflights and skylights.”

Walk on glass rooflights and walk on roof windows are essentially the same as normal rooflights and skylights except for one thing – manufactured with triple glazing and reinforced glass, they are strong enough to withstand loads in excess of 100kg, walking over them.

These glass rooflights sit flush with the roof and by their very nature as roof lights, allow for maximum light entry into a room, through a recess in the ceiling.

Walk on rooflights glass style and design

Our flat walk on roof lights are manufactured from reinforced, triple glazed units with an aluminium or coated timber frame that sits flush with the flat roof, to provide an uninterrupted flat surface. The walk on glass roof comes with self cleaning options and solar control to reduce maintenance and to offer pure comfort with controlled light entry, whilst maximising the levels of natural light into your home.

Our walk on glass options include argon filled, highly weather resistant units that offer clear glass, stained glass or pattern glass options. We use either Pilkington or Saint Gobain glass which both have advantages over standard glass units and can source you a Velux walk on rooflight if required. Our walk on glass roof units reduce UV entry into the home, protecting everything within the room exposed to direct sunlight.

Walk on glass panel sizes

Due to the nature of the walk on glass roof, there are limitations to how big the walk on flat roof windows can be. Walk on glass thickness is important, so it has to be thickened substantially when increasing its load bearing properties, the glass has to be strong enough to walk on. For this reason the maximum size we can offer is up to 250cm x 250cm. As our joinery team manufactures each walk on glass unit from scratch, we can provide smaller units to almost any size requirement.

The benefits of walk on glass rooflights

  • A walk on glass roofs adds that extra unique dimension to any home.
  • Walk on rooflights for flat roofs can be used internally or externally, depending on your requirements. They are most often seen outdoors, to aesthetically enhance a terrace, courtyard or a raised garden or platform, whilst providing a wealth of natural light to flood the interior space below.
  • A walk on glass roof will allow more natural light into your home.
  • However, our walk on glass skylights can be manufactured to control the level of light and UV that passes into your home, all with a very low maintenance schedule thanks to our durable materials and weatherproofing.
  • Our walk-on roof lights prevent unwanted heat loss from a room, whilst preventing condensation from morning dew, and reducing UV entry into your home or eliminating it all together.
  • Walk on glass rooflights not only help make a room feel more spacious with an increase in natural light, it also adds a pleasant touch to a room, with a new viewing angle.
  • Walk over roof lights are ideal for rooftop areas and patio terraces with regular foot fall, as they are built to be walked on, whilst bathing any interiors below with incredible levels of natural daylight.
  • Walk on skylights are highly energy efficient due to their triple glazing. It goes without saying it’s glass you can walk on too!
  • They can also be installed as an internal use walk-on rooflight, and of course external use walk-on rooflight for residential or commercial applications. 
  • Rooflights by design are pointed at the natural light source, thus meaning they let in up to twice the amount of natural light into your home in comparison to vertical glass windows, and almost three times the natural light of dormer windows.

Why we need high levels of natural light

Our walk over glass roofs allow high levels of natural light to pour into your home, even in those hard to reach, underground rooms.

Space in urban living tends to be of a premium, meaning that in order to maximise the floorspace you have, you might be required to dig down in order to increase your home’s square footage. But who wants to live an underground life lit only with artificial lights?

This is where our external walk on glass roof comes in.

Natural day has been scientifically proven to be beneficial to our general health:

  • it improves vision
  • aids in our orientation
  • increases productivity
  • heightens our alert levels
  • and has even been shown to have a bearing on social behaviour

Not only that, but our bodies are governed by natural light: the exposure to blue wave natural light regulates our circadian rhythms, allowing us to be more productive during daylight hours and to sleep better at night.

Most artificial lighting solutions only produce red/orange or green/yellow light, not the blue light our bodies need.

Not only is artificial lighting detrimental to our overall well being, it also has environmental and financial implications – almost 20% of all electricity that is produced in the UK is used on electric lighting.

By including a walk on glass roof in your home, you are not only positively benefiting your health, but you will reduce your electricity bills, and contribute towards reducing carbon emissions.

Standard specifications for walk on glass roof panels

Our walk on glass panels & units are made to the highest quality standards to ensure extra durability and product longevity. Installing walk on glass is a straightforward process.

The sleek glass units integrate perfectly with roofs and ceilings to create a flush, flat window up to 250cm x 250cm in size; perfect for letting in lots of light whilst remaining highly energy efficient.

  • Opening Sizes from 50cm by 50cm upwards.
  • The unit dimensions vary depending on required specification (we make to measure).
  • Frame options include timber, oak, pine or aluminium with weatherproofing / rot / corrosion protection.
  • RAS Colours / Farrow and Ball Colours
  • Glass options including clear, tinted, solar or pattern glass
  • Excellent thermal U-Values
  • Frame sizes up to 250cm x 250cm
  • Fire rated walk on glass
  • We only supply quality, premium products and NOT cheap walk on glass, however we are very competitive on pricing.
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