DIY Roof Lantern Kits

“Our DIY Roof Lanterns are specifically designed to make installation as simple as possible for even the most novice installer.”

Adding a roof lantern and flooding a room with natural light can be a great way to make a room feel more spacious. Whether fitted as part of an orangery, over a kitchen extension, stairwell, garden room or another application, a Prestige roof lantern will help to make any space brighter and more open.

We offer DIY Roof Lantern Kits

At Roof Lanterns UK, we design our roofs to be as easy to install as possible. We believe that this approach leads to quick and trouble-free installations which lead to happy installers and customers, who will want to buy from us again in the future. Our DIY roof lanterns are specifically designed to make installation as simple as possible for even the most novice installer. As part of our design service, we can tell you what size to build your roof opening, or work with as-built sizes on existing buildings. Because no specialist knowledge is needed to fit our roof lanterns, you can fit them yourself or have a builder do the fitting work, saving you money and the hassle which can come with more complicated installations.

Assembling Your DIY Lantern

All of the timber roof components simply slide together and fix with a screw or bolt, and we provide accurate and detailed instruction manuals for every step of the process. Our friendly and knowledgeable designers are also always available on the phone and by email should you run into any problems or need any guidance on the installation.

Our pre-designed ranges, for example our Edwardian range, can be purchased in standard sizes or adapted as necessary making them the ideal choice for the DIYer. We can even arrange for our smaller Roof Lanterns to be delivered as pre-erected carcasses, making the installation even simpler and faster, leaving minimal work to be carried out on-site. Details can be found on our prices & sizes pages. Because our ready made roof lanterns incorporate a powder-coated aluminium capping system to the outside, leaving the exposed timber area low, maintenance is kept to a minimum. Our timber roof lanterns and wood roof lanterns also have an advantage over aluminium and PVC roofs in that it is possible to maintain and repaint them when the colour of an aluminium or PVC roof fades or yellows, replacement is often the only option. The microporous paint system we use has been specially developed to allow the timber to “breathe” and adapt to different climatic conditions throughout the year, meaning that a Prestige roof lantern should last for decades


For prices please get in contact with us either via the call back request or call us on 0843 886 7949 and a member of the team will give you a free quotation.


We can manufacture your roof lantern to be any size (up until 5000 x 5000), our general size list includes:

Other Information

See our blog post on tips for installing a DIY Roof Lantern

Other Types of Roof Lantern:

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