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Roof Lantern Prices

Standard Pricing Table

Size MMRoof OnlyAdd Non White
Add Two-Tone
Add Argon to
Add Solar Control
to Glass
Add Easy Clean
750 x 750£1,057.00£51.00£72.00£5.00£14.00£12.00
750 x 1500£1,444.00£67.00£105.00£7.00£25.00£21.00
750 x 2250£1,696.00£78.00£131.00£9.00£35.00£30.00
750 x 3000£2,057.00£90.00£167.00£12.00£46.00£41.00
1500 x 1500£1,641.00£84.00£139.00£12.00£46.00£41.00
1500 x 2250£2,071.00£114.00£175.00£14.00£71.00£61.00
1500 x 3000£2,039.00£119.00£199.00£19.00£93.00£81.00
2250 x 2250£2,354.00£126.00£204.00£20.00£103.00£91.00
2250 x 3000£2,827.00£139.00£244.00£28.00£140.00£122.00
3000 x 3000£3,117.00£163.00£287.00£37.00£186.00£163.00

Prices for Roof with Side Windows


Accessories Price List

Accessories Price list

Roof lantern Prices

Roof Lantern costs vary significantly depending on size, glass options, colour options, rafter configuration & paint options. Please contact us to get a quote for roof lantern prices.

Types of Roof Lantern:

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