Curved Roof Lanterns & Roof Lights

“Our prestige curved roof lantern range is the most sophisticated on the market.”

By using the latest in timber and glass curving technology we can achieve the stunning grand design befitting any prestigious property. A prestige curved or domed hardwood roof lantern is the ultimate in luxurious living, providing a central feature made of timber and glass, adding light and grandeur to any room.

Our Curved Glass Roof Lanterns

Please see the sizes and price list for our full range of hardwood curved glass rooflights and domed roof lanterns. However, if it is something unique you are looking for then we can manufacture bespoke double or triple curved roof lanterns to any shape or size.

Everything you need to install will come with your prestige roof lantern allowing a fast and tidy installation process on site with minimal disruption.

Our range of domed oval or curved roof lanterns add a prestigious look to any roof, and are particularly regal above a spiral staircase or focal point in a room. It has taken many years of design to perfect our domed roof lantern range, with standard sizes available. We also pride our company on being able to produce any bespoke curved roof lanterns, with single, double or triple height lanterns available. If you are an architect please contact us, we can then supply CAD drawings on request for our standard curved roof lantern range.

We often work with architects in the initial design stage of the project, to provide CAD support and design solutions – thus broadening the choice of roof lantern available to the client.

Our parent company Countryhardwood Conservatories also specialise in the design and manufacture of conservatories, orangeries, windows and doors for large or small projects. Anything is possible to achieve with the Prestige Roof Lantern CAD design team.

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