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Laura Wakeham

What are the advantages of natural light vs artificial light within your home or business?.

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Daniel Foley

What should you choose? A lantern or a skylight? this article looks at the key differences in the products.Should you consider Skylight Windows

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Manufacturing a Roof Lantern with a CNC Machine

Posted by: George W. on the 31st October 2014 At our joinery, we use custom CNC machines to manufacture roof lanterns, orangeries, conservatories, bifold doors, hardwood windows and doors and other structures. Each unit is […]

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How to Brighten Your Extension With a Roof Lantern

If you’ve just added an extension onto your home, or if you’re considering building an extension to increase your home’s overall footprint, you might be wondering how to add natural light into your new space.  […]

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7 Ways To Reduce Rain Noise On Roof Windows

A genuine concern when planning an extension is rain (or other) noise through any roof windows. Rain noise can spoil the pleasure of a roof conversion or an extra window added into a roof space.  […]

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The Importance of Installing Your New Rooflights at The Correct Pitch

If you’re investing in your home and installing fixed skylights, you should know how important it is to install your new rooflights at the correct pitch. Rooflights will not only enhance your home, but they’ll […]

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