Should you consider Skylight Windows?

March 3, 2015
“What should you choose? A roof lantern or a skylight?”
Skylight Windows
Posted by: Daniel Foley. on the 03rd March 2015

A skylight window is perfect for both residential and commercial properties which have flat roofs and use a lot of artificial lighting. Sometimes, the positioning of a property can make it difficult to feed in natural light. Surrounding properties or buildings may reduce the available light for standard windows which can make a room feel much darker. A skylight window is the perfect solution for this.

Here at Prestige Roof Lanterns, we manufacture bespoke skylight windows in a variety of configurations, shapes and sizes. We can help bring the natural light into any residential or commercial space, helping to reduce dependence on artificial lighting and increase the flow of natural light throughout.

Choose any style of Skylight Window, or provide us with drawings / requirements and we’ll do the rest. We manufacture, supply and can fit skylight windows for both residential homeowners and commercial properties.

Skylight windows come in all standard and custom sizes, we also supply each unit in a standard primer ready for painting unless you would like us to paint. Our skylight windows can be painted in any required colour, we also offer colour matching.

Choose from frame options, glass options and general styling options for the skylight window. We also offer window options such as opening skylights which can be used to introduce fresh air into a room as well as more natural light.

With precision engineering, each skylight is suitably waterproof and weather resistant to stand up to the British weather. Our skylights have excellent thermal U-values and styling to match your requirements. We’ll supply as a whole kit, or, we can provide installation services (speak to us about this prior to placing an order).

Customise the frame, from its shape to its wood type, our skylight windows typically come with an oak / timber frame which can be provided in a stain or a specific colour / primer. Each window can also have bespoke ironmongery such as brass / chrome handles and more.

Having a skylight window installed on your property can help increase its value, allowing more natural light into a room can change the entire setting / aesthetic appearance, as well as introducing an element of style to properties with skylight windows installed.

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