Making the most of your Roof Lantern during the winter months

Updated on July 23rd, 2019 at 12:00 pm
Published on 15 November 2016

Making the most of your Roof Lantern during the winter months

Now we are well into the winter season, the evenings are getting darker and the days when we’re reaping the rewards from the extra light soaring in through our bespoke roof lantern seem like decades away.

After all, when the clocks go back for winter, our days get shorter, our energy levels drop and we’re grateful for any amount of sunlight we can receive at all.

However, we can still take advantage of our roof lantern in the winter time. And, what’s more, having the extra light during the day will definitely help us feel better, and more energised, during the colder winter months.

Take a look at the following ways that you can make the most of your roof lantern during the winter months:

Make the most of the mornings

When the clocks went back, although our evenings got darker, our mornings became slightly lighter. Therefore, you can make the most of the lighter mornings by having breakfast beneath your roof lantern and starting your day as brightly (excuse the pun!) as possible!

Invest in energy-saving LED light bulbs

LED light bulbs will provide you with bright light for dark winter evenings beneath your roof lantern and may help to reflect more light around the room. This in turn can help you make the most of roof lantern during the winter.

Opt for a roof lantern that keeps heat in

The roof lanterns from Prestige Roof Lanterns UK are made with high levels of thermal insulation which inevitably helps to keep the heat inside your property.

Although many people worry that a roof lantern will cool a property down during the winter months, a roof lantern can actually help warm the property with sunlight and keep the heat in.

Keep your roof lantern well maintained

It is important to perform basic maintenance checks on your roof lantern, such as checking hinges as well as fixtures and fittings before the harsher winter weather draws in.
Keeping your roof lantern well maintained and in strong condition will prevent problems occurring with your roof lantern over winter.

Contact us at Prestige Roof Lanterns UK

If you would like to find out more information about how to make the most of your roof lantern during the winter months, or perhaps find out more about maintaining your roof lantern, then please do not hesitate to contact us at Prestige Roof Lanterns UK.




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