The surprising health benefits of roof lanterns

August 25, 2016

At this time of the year it is predictable that there is a strong demand to install precision engineered roof lanterns. Homeowners are requesting lanterns over lights such as the typical skylight and we’ve discovered why. It’s not just the popularity of opening up your room or building space for a stylish ambience and higher quality space. Recent studies have found that maximising the natural light flow within a home provides an array of valuable health benefits.

Roof lanterns provide an abundance of natural light benefits without the negative effects of UV rays.

1) The exposure to the sun provides astounding levels of the ‘sunshine vitamin’. Vitamin D is vital in regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorous for a healthy immune system. Sufficient levels of vitamin D has been found to improve resistance to particular diseases such as the risk of multiple sclerosis and heart disease. So if you suffer with a vitamin D deficiency, a cost-effective roof lantern is the best way forward.

2) As well as aiding in the prevention of heart disease, an increase in sunlight has found to correlate with weight loss. Vitamin D bestows an appetite suppressing effect which naturally aids weight loss methods.

3) Seasonal Affective Disorder effects millions of people in the UK, particularly in months with short periods of daylight. Too much melatonin can be produced with a lack of exposure to sunlight causing depression and anxiety. Many homeowners who have had roof lanterns installed have reported improvements in mood and levels of overall gratification.

4) An interesting benefit of enhanced natural light is the impact on lifestyle and routine. Roof lanterns create a sense of wellbeing and provide you with that extra energy you’re missing in life.

On top of offering a striking centrepiece to your home, roof lanterns can improve the healthy functioning of your body and impact your quality of life in the long term. The importance of vitamin D in a lifestyle is crucial to consider.
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