The Smaller Details of Your Timber Roof Lantern

August 21, 2015
“Styling your roof lantern in intricate detail”

Posted by: Laura Wakeham. on the 05th August 2015

Choosing a roof lantern is often a large enough challenge in itself. Firstly, you’ve discovered the difference between a roof light and a roof lantern, decided that it isn’t a skylight you’re after and, at last, selected the timber roof lantern of your choice.

Before you start building though, there are a few finer details to think about. Here at Prestige Roof Lanterns UK, we thought we’d list them for you, so you don’t forget.

Finials and Crestings
The finials feature at the top and ends of your roof lantern, and are decorative, aesthetically pleasing features. A cresting is, similarly, an ornamental decoration at the ridge of the roof.
The finials and crestings from Prestige Roof Lanterns UK are manufactured in aluminium and feature our aluminium capping system. The aluminium capping system is ideal for weatherproofing and uses a twin-gasket system. It also comes with a powder-coated finish.

You will need to consider where you require single, double or triple-glazing. Double-glazing is generally recommended because it is a good insulator and offer more security than single-glazing. There are numerous opinions as to whether triple glazing offers more advantages than double-glazing.
At Prestige Roof Lanterns UK, our standard glass units are argon-filled and doubled-glazed. That said, we can provide a range of glass types, from glass types such as ‘Solar Control’ to glazed units that contain special gases.

All of the roof lantern components from Prestige Roof Lanterns UK are fully refinished using the latest microporous technology in white.
The colour of your roof lantern does not necessarily have to be white though, since any one off-colour, RAL/BS4 or Farrow & Ball stain can be painted at an additional cost.
For those that aren’t sure, RAL and BS are colour code standards.

At Prestige Roof Lanterns UK, we use sapele or oak as our preferred choice of timbers, because we feel that this timber provides the finest furniture-grade hardwood that is available on the market.
For more information on purchasing a roof lantern, or for some advice about installing a roof lantern in your home, contact Prestige Roof Lanterns UK on 0843 886 7949.

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