The Benefits of Having a Skylight Installed

August 21, 2015
“Thinking of getting a skylight installed? here are the benefits”

Posted by: Laura Wakeham. on the 07th August 2015

Skylights, also known as roof lights, have been used in houses since the Victorian era, when people had them installed above stairs and hallways to allow light into their property. Undoubtedly, skylights allow a fair amount of natural light into the room and can offer us the opportunity to rely less on artificial light. But what are the further benefits of having skylights installed in our homes? Would we be better off with a roof lantern?

Benefits of Skylights

Skylights are ideal for loft areas, rooms with vaulted sloped ceilings and converted protected buildings (like barn conversions) that may not allow for new window openings.

Skylights Don’t Often Require Planning Permission

It is important to check the Planning Portal for your individual project requirements, but, because skylights don’t tend to overlook neighbouring properties, they do not generally need planning permission.
That said, you will require planning permission if:
A proposed skylight installation occupies a large area of your roof, beyond what is considered a ‘reasonable’ size.
A skylight projects beyond the roof plane by more than 150mm.
You live in a listed building or a designated area, such as a National Park or conservation area.
Again, it is important to find out whether you need planning permission.

Skylights are a Cost-Effective Option

Skylights allow a vast amount of light into a room, and are generally inexpensive to install. At Prestige Roof Lanterns UK, our skylights come in a range of configurations (size, colour, design etc.). As a result, we offer a free quotation based on your requirements.

Choose Your Shape

Unlike standard windows, you can choose pretty much any shape for your skylight. The most popular roof lanterns from Prestige Roof Lanterns UK tend to be square, rectangular and circular, but if you have other requirements for another shape, let us know!

Skylights are smaller than Roof Lanterns

Although both skylights and roof lanterns allow natural light into your property, skylights as a product are very different to roof lanterns. This is because skylights can be very small (as little as 250 x 250), whereas roof lanterns generally start at size 750 x 750. At Prestige Roof Lanterns UK though, we generally do not manufacture skylights smaller than 500 x 500. Skylights allow light to enter a property either through a flat roof, or as a part of the properties roof structure.

Various Styles

Whether you opt for domed, curved or another style of skylight, the choice is yours! A popular shape for a skylight is circular and domed, since they are more compact then roof lanterns. Circular and domed skylights are, therefore, ideal for smaller, flat roof areas.

For more information on the benefits of skylights, contact Prestige Roof Lanterns UK, on 0843 886 7949.

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