Timber Skylights

“Make the most of your home’s natural light with our bespoke timber skylights”

Let’s face it a dream home is a home filled with natural light. The good news is you can fulfil your dreams and have the home you desire with our bespoke timber skylight designs. Our skylights will cheer up the gloomy days and create a happy environment. If you live in the UK you know that year-round sunshine isn’t a reality. For many houses in the UK, it means dark, gloomy winters and summers that might be hot but with houses that don’t maximise the available light.

If you have a flat roof, then timber skylights can be the ideal solution. Not only do they have the same capabilities as wooden roof windows, but they’re also easy to install and work well as flat roof windows. And of course, they create beautiful rooms that have the wow factor.

What is a timber skylight or roof lantern?

A roof lantern sometimes referred to as a rooflight, is a stepped glass skylight that extends up from a flat roof. Our Timber Roof Lanterns are structural masterpieces, adding a sense of height, space, and grandeur to any room. They allow natural light to flow into a room, introducing warmth and calm. They are more sophisticated than a roof window and can be an incredible design feature.

High-quality timber roof lanterns

Timber roof lanterns or skylights are one of the most popular choices, due in part to the strength and appearance of timber as well as the cost. Timber is one of the cheaper hardwoods but still of very high quality. Here at Prestige Roof Lanterns, we use the finest handpicked timbers to use in the joinery to manufacture a product to high standards.

Combining stunning design, premium materials and expert craftsmanship our timber roof lanterns look and feel premium, are durable against weathering, UV damage & mould. You may be tempted to get cheap roof windows or top hung roof windows, but it’s not worth it in the long run, investing in high-quality timber

Why choose Prestige timber roof lanterns?

We are an established hardwood joinery that designs and manufactures premium quality roof lanterns to exact specifications as opposed to supplying off-the-shelf products.

Not only are we established but our product quality is exceptional thanks to the combination of premium materials and expert craftsmanship.

We offer competitive pricing on wooden roof lanterns & supply to B2C, B2B and Trade.

The product range we offer is diverse including Hardwood Orangeries, Hardwood Roof Lanterns, Conservatories, Windows, Doors, Bifold Doors and other hardwood products.

Our timbers are FSC sourced from healthy trees. The woods chosen are treated to ensure a long lifespan and to inhibit the growth of mould/rot, fungi and moss. Once the timber has been treated, it is generally painted in premium farrow and ball microporous paints which allow the wood to breathe.

Superior construction

Our timber lanterns and timber rooflights are constructed using precision CNC machining and skilled craftsmen to assemble/tend to the product during manufacture. Each lantern is unique, styled and built to an exact specification for straightforward no-hassle installation. Our timber roof lanterns effectively clip together and can be assembled quickly and easily thanks to the way they are designed.

Our timber lantern roof is supplied with all the cappings which can be painted / powder coated to any RAL Colour / BS Colour. Our colour matching service can help keep your lantern in style with the existing property structure.

Our joinery manufactures with absolute precision and as each piece of wood is carved to the exact MM, it is then transferred onto following stages where the timber roof lantern begins to take shape. Once the expert craftsmen have finished with the lantern it is transferred to our own in-house paint shop where high-quality paints are used to finish the product.

The benefits of timber skylights

Skylights offer a host of benefits for homeowners, and they’re an excellent solution if you want to add natural light to your property and create a modern home. Many of our customers look at skylights because they’re easy to install, easy to maintain and create a beautiful design feature.

Here are some reasons you should get a timber skylight installed on your roof.

1. Extra Daylight

One of the most positive aspects of having a skylight is that it brings extra daylight into a room, particularly during the winter months when days are shorter and there are fewer hours of sunlight, and the sun is at a lower angle than during the summer. A roof window can be good for smaller rooms and spaces, however, if you have a larger room a timber skylight will transform the room and fill it with light, creating a spectacular space in your home.

2. Energy Saving

Because of this increase in natural light from skylights, the use of artificial lighting and electricity can be reduced, and during the colder months, skylights can contribute to the heat gain of space and reduce the need for heating. Aside from the positive environmental impact that comes with using less electricity, the use of skylights has the potential to even reduce electric bills.

3. Design Options

Another asset of skylights is their flexibility and range of design options, which can vary in location, size, shape, and angle so that they take advantage of local conditions. A skylight can be designed to capture early morning sunlight to help heat a space, but also so that it misses the strong afternoon sun that might make a room too warm.

4. Design Impact

Finally, skylights have the potential to either dramatically enhance a design or act as the main design feature in a space. Traditionally, they’ve been placed in spaces that were otherwise unable to have access to natural light through traditional windows, as the top of a staircase. However, they can also have the bonus effect of creating dramatic lighting and a sense of upward ascension that can still inspire designers today.

5. Ventilation benefits

It might be on the roof, but skylights can aid in expelling hot air.

Consider adding a manual or remote-controlled vented skylight. These allow fresh air to circulate in your home. This feature can also be utilised in bathrooms to help moisture escape or in a home where the options for standard window installation are severely limited.

Another possible use for ventilation is in the kitchen and the removal of cooking odours. This is a great way to avoid using obnoxious, loud exhaust fans.

6. Skylights fitted to your needs

Skylights come in all sizes and shapes.

In larger sizes, a skylight can make a room feel larger than it is. It brings a sense of the outdoors inside while highlighting architectural details in the home.

If you’re looking for something smaller, consider tubular skylights. They bring natural light into spaces such as interior hallways, closets, bathrooms, or any room that lacks windows.

7. Increase the resale value

When it’s time to sell your home, a roof skylight can increase the value.

Like most cosmetic changes, skylights create an attractive atmosphere thanks to natural light. The introduction of this to various rooms throughout your home will increase the resale value based on all the reasons we’ve described.

The new energy-efficient models are also appealing to potential home buyers. This benefit alone might make installing a skylight a good investment if you’re considering selling your home.

8. Solar heating

Skylights can provide a source of solar heat in the winter.

Heating your home with sunlight can be a great alternative to running the furnace. In most cases, you can set your thermostats to a lower temperature because of a skylight’s ability to add additional heat to a room and your home.

9. Health benefits

Natural light is a great way to elevate your mood. This is a valuable health benefit in a home that might be gloomy.

Skylights also help individuals feel more attached to the outdoors. When vented models are open, you’ll experience improved air quality and circulation. Increased light leads to increases in your vitamin B and D levels.

Installing a skylight will also help ward off mould and fungus growth in your home. This not only helps your personal health but the health of your home as well.

Boost your immune system, improve circulation, and improve the quality of your life with natural sunlight.

10. Maintain privacy

Windows are a great addition to any home. However, in some cases, windows compromise your sense of privacy. Skylights are an exception.

You can have natural light and maintain your privacy — even in the most intimate spaces of your home. Don’t sacrifice your need for natural light and functionality because of privacy concerns.

A skylight can provide you with the best of both.

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