Domed Skylights

“Increase Your Homes Natural Light With Our Roof Dome Designs”

Every property should offer shelter, security and a happy environment for residents to enjoy. But living in the UK means we’re not exactly blessed with year-round sunshine. For many houses, it means dark, gloomy winters and summers that might be hot but still don’t maximise the potential of available light.

If you have a flat roof, then domed skylights are an ideal solution. Not only do they have the same capabilities as roof windows, but they’re also easy to install and work well on flat roofs.

At Prestige Roof Lanterns, we supply a range of polycarbonate dome designs in partnership with Prestige. We choose them as manufacturers because of their range of sizes and flexibility for bespoke features.

Why Choose Domes For Flat Roof Homes?

Roof domes offer a host of benefits for homeowners, and they’re an excellent solution if you want to add light to your property without making significant modifications. Many of our customers look to domes because they’re easy to install and even simpler to maintain.

But there are other advantages to choosing flat roof domes.

Energy Efficiency

In a society that’s growing increasingly worried about its carbon footprint, energy efficiency is a top priority for homeowners. With rising utility bills during the winter months, it’s natural that households might look for more sustainable solutions.

While roof domes won’t provide light and warmth throughout the year, they do increase the natural light that floods through to your home and makes it warmer.

In winter especially, homes will use a lot of electricity and gas because it gets dark as early as 4 pm and cranking up your central heating system is essential.

Installing flat roof windows means you can benefit from lighter rooms and warmer homes, which will inevitably create further savings on your utility bills.

Domes Catch More Sunlight

The unique shape of domed rooflights enables them to catch more sunlight than a flat roof window does. Daylight can reach the dome from all angles, which allows it to filter through to your home.

A flat rooflight requires sunlight to hit it perfectly, or it won’t reach your property. If your main goal is to warm your home and save on electricity bills, then domed lights are the better choice.

No Red Tape

Because domes go straight into your roof, they very rarely require planning permission. Most households can install the lights with no trouble, which cannot always be said for conservatories.

When you add a conservatory to your home, you have to be aware of strict guidelines, which are in place to protect your neighbours. If you have a small garden, you might not be able to build a conservatory if it’s considered an obstruction to the property next door.

However, as rooflights go into a property, you won’t need planning permission. It’s always best to check before installation begins or let your neighbours know your plans.

They Fit In With Your Home

Domed rooflights are made of high-quality materials such as acrylic and polycarbonate, and many households choose them because the lights won’t ruin the aesthetics of a property. Unless you go for an intricate and large design, people won’t even notice them.

There are different sizes available too, so you can go for a couple of large roof windows or smaller shapes which will filter more sunlight through to other rooms.

Thermal Energy Qualities

Advances in technology mean that glass has added insulation, perfect for attracting more daylight into your home. The thermal energy qualities of our roof domes allow the windows to offer sufficient ventilation while retaining your property’s warmth.

Double glazing is the popular choice, but there are triple glazing options available too. A domed skylight gives you access to year-round sunlight, which is why many UK households choose them over flat shapes.

They Improve Your Property

Domed rooflight solutions make a stunning addition to your property, and they’re architecturally superior to other skylights.

Whether you have a traditional or new build home, adding a rooflight improves its aesthetic appeal. If you decide to sell in the future, buyers will look favourably on any property that can catch the sun.

Prestige Domed Roof Windows

At Country Hardwood, we find the best manufacturers to bring our clients the best solutions for a stylish yet functional property. One such manufacturer is Prestige, a premier supplier of skylights and domed lanterns.

We chose Prestige because they offer flexible designs, which is central to our mission of bringing clients unique solutions for their property.

We Have a Wide Range of Solutions Available

Skylights aren’t all made equal, but we use a combination of high-quality timber and Velux glass to ensure your domes will last a long time. You can choose between a range of shapes, including circular domes or go for an architectural masterpiece.

Our designers have worked on a range of projects, and we’ll always do our best to bring your ideas to life using the latest glass curving technology.

We can also add an access hatch to your skylights and try to meet your requirements on the size, material and thermal properties of your skylight.

Our Designers Are Highly Skilled Professionals

Investing in rooflights is a great way to turn a gloomy home into a beautiful place to relax, and our designers will work with you to find suitable solutions. We’ve worked on a range of projects before and can develop the perfect design that suits your budget restrictions.

Are Domed Skylights Better Than Flat Glass Windows?

Many of our customers ask us if domed skylights are a better solution than flat skylights, and we usually tell them that the unique domed shape is best if a lighter home is their priority.

Due to their design, domed windows will take longer to install, but the finished result is worth it.

Contact Us Today

If you’d like to know more about our services, please feel free to contact our friendly customer service team. They’ll be happy to discuss everything our company offers, including bespoke domed designs with a range of accessories.

Our windows have added security, good ventilation, and they’re manufactured to your specifications. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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