Contemporary Rooflights

Modern Roof Lights With Top-Quality Design

Our spectacular choice of contemporary rooflights and skylights are manufactured with minimal glazing connectors to take full advantage of the daylight.

All our roof lights are bespoke and custom-built, with a five-year warranty, short lead times and fantastic prices and delivery.

Our contemporary, energy-efficient roof lantern lights will give you a wonderful view of the sky and add up to three times more natural light than vertical windows. We offer an impressive selection of options for a beautiful finish and outstanding performance. Our lantern rooflight prices are some of the best online – guaranteed!


Why Buy Contemporary Roof Lights for Homes?

Roof lanterns are a fantastic way of transforming a lacklustre flat roof into a sophisticated orangery style room or conservatory awash with light. We stock our roof lantern lighting with an extensive range of glazing options to suit your requirements.

What Are Modern Skylights?

Rooflights are essentially windows in the roof of your property, which allow natural light into the building. There are plenty of benefits for installing rooflights in your home.

At Prestige Roof Lanterns UK, we manufacture a range of contemporary rooflights, also known as skylights and roof windows, which work well in both modern and traditional homes.

Although contemporary rooflights initially seem to be suited to properties with a more modern design, they also look impressive in traditional homes, because ultimately, they allow a large amount of natural light into your home.

Benefits of Thin Skylights

There are plenty of reasons to install roof lanterns over artificial lighting.

  • More height and volume. By installing roof lights in your home, you’ll give a more architectural feel as well as add a sense of height and volume to your room, providing it with the utmost light .
  • Minimum framework, maximum daylight. Our modern skylights are all about minimum framework and maximum daylight, and fit in much more easily with the latest design trends, easily complementing bi-fold door systems and clean minimalist living spaces. These modern style rooflights are ideal for letting the maximum amount of light pour into into any room or dark space.
  • Energy efficiency. Because roof light systems allow natural light to shine through into the building, it lessens the need for artificial lighting. It cuts down the impact excess energy consumption has on the environment, making your home or business eco-friendlier.
  • Improved health. By having roof light systems fitted in your property, you can increase the health and wellbeing of you, your family or your employees, as you’ll have more exposure to natural sunlight – which gives us the essential vitamin D.

Flat Roof Lights or Roof Domes

Our rooflights are available as flat rooflights or roof domes and are the ultimate contemporary rooflights because they can be manufactured to be particularly bespoke to suit your specific requirements to outstanding quality.


We have many contemporary rooflight styles to choose from. These include:

  • Top Hung Roof Windows
  • Centre Pivot Roof Windows
  • Side Opening Windows
  • Side Opening Windows
  • Top Hung Compact
  • Centre Pivot Windows.

Whatever style of rooflight you choose, you can be sure that the rooflights will involve minumum maintenance, be easy to open and close, energy efficient and weather resistant.

Contemporary Skylights Materials

Our contemporary roof lights are available in hardwood and aluminium. We tend to recommend aluminium as the most modern option of material but also stress that hardwood can also be a contemporary option.

We offer sapele, oak and idigbo as standard hardwood options. All our hardwood options are made from FSC sourced wood, which means that all of our hardwood rooflights are sustainable, and an environmentally-friendly choice of wood. Our aluminium rooflights are treated to attain the ultimate levels of weather resistance and durability.

Contemporary Lantern Windows, Tailored to Your Tastes

Prestige Roof Lanterns UK is a professional rooflight manufacturer and provider, and our contemporary roof lanterns have revolutionised the look and feel of commercial and residential properties. If you’re looking to brighten up a dark space or want to get unparalleled sky views, look no further – we have an exhaustive assortment of options on hand, all of which are contemporary in style.


Our expert craftsmen pay meticulous attention to detail and use the modern technology in our joinery to create a high-quality contemporary rooflight that meets your exact specification.

Our contemporary rooflights can, as a result, be made to any standard and custom size. We sell our contemporary rooflights to businesses, property owners and tradesmen.

Contemporary Roof Domes

Roof domes are ultimately the opposite of flat rooflights, in that they’re a more prominent feature of the home, and aren’t included in the roof structure. Some people prefer the domed effect, as it allows the most amount of natural light into the property. Roof domes can be a particularly contemporary feature of a modern home because they offer a prominent feature that can work well with a contemporary style.

Lantern Roof Lights Prices

For more information on any of our contemporary roof domes and rooflights, give us a call on 0843 886 7949.

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