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How to install a roof lantern on a flat roof

Posted by: on the 28 March 2018

Here at Prestige Roof Lanterns UK, we are experts in roof lanterns, roof lights and skylights. We design and manufacture glass roof lantern options for your home. While we are not roof lantern installers, it is extremely necessary for us to have a good grasp of the installation process so that we can ensure our […]

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6 Facts You’ve Missed About Roof Lanterns

Posted by: on the 30 January 2018

These days, more and more folk are expanding their properties to take full advantage of their space. Recently, roof lights, otherwise known as roof lanterns or flat roof skylights, have become increasingly popular in the world of modern architecture, providing an eye-catching, practical and budget-friendly way of allowing more light into the home. They come […]

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Navigating Roof Lantern Sizes – How Big Does it Need to Be?

Posted by: on the 30 November 2017

So, you want your house to have a roof lantern… Good decision! But in what style? And made of what material? And where in your house is it going to go? Above all: What size roof lantern do I need? Perhaps your property is one with plenty of space that would benefit from the traditional […]

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Cleaning Skylights: 6 Top Tips on How to Clean and Maintain Your Skylight

Posted by: on the 27 November 2017

Skylights – the perfect way to let light in. Set into a sloped roof, they are a small, perfectly formed, and relatively low-cost way to brighten up a place and reduce energy costs. Skylights allow natural light to flood in to a room making it feel more spacious and inviting. And in much the same […]

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Roof Lanterns as a Functional Part of a Home

Posted by: on the 23 October 2017

Want to save money on your electricity bills? Fancy brightening up your dark living space? Roof lanterns make the most of natural light in your house and are friendlier to the environment. Even better, they add more of a relaxing feel to a dark room or even make a room more conducive to work. Fresh, […]

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