6 Facts You’ve Missed About Roof Lanterns

Updated on July 23rd, 2019 at 11:56 am
Published on 30 January 2018

These days, more and more folk are expanding their properties to take full advantage of their space. Recently, roof lights, otherwise known as roof lanterns or flat roof skylights, have become increasingly popular in the world of modern architecture, providing an eye-catching, practical and budget-friendly way of allowing more light into the home. They come in a range of styles, including curved glass rooflights, roof domes, Upvc roof lanterns and more.

Roof lights offer a wealth of benefits to any homeowner. Below, we’ve pulled together some facts you may have missed about roof lanterns, from their ability to provide natural light and thermal efficiency to offering maximum ventilation and temperature control.

Supporting Good Health and Mood

Whilst it may seem a little obvious to say, but natural light can make or break a new build extension. If the extension doesn’t get enough, it’ll feel gloomy and lacklustre, but too much can leave the room too exposed, so it isn’t as private, whether it’s through the windows and doors or from the roof up above.

Imagine laying down on the floor of your home or office and gazing up at the roof then seeing nothing but sky through your amazing rooflight. Not only will staring up into the heavens rouse your senses, numerous findings have revealed there are recognised health benefits of exposure to natural light, with the vitamin D production that it promotes being essential for good bone and muscle health and metabolism.

From strengthening the immune system to helping in the regulation of sleep cycles, flat roof skylights will do an awful lot for your loved ones and work colleagues.

Preserves a Building’s Privacy

In a world where offices and homes are built so close next to each other, it’s becoming more and more difficult to provide enough access to natural daylight whilst also maintaining the privacy of a property’s inhabitants.

Thankfully, a commercial or residential skylight can help. Since it’s fitted on your flat roof, there’s hardly any angle to the skylight which stops any users of nearby buildings staring in – a particularly vital consideration for more private rooms such as bathrooms – whilst still letting in maximum light.

Promote Natural Air Flow

Whatever roof lantern you select, whether it’s one from us or one from a high-street store, they offer the potential of encouraging natural ventilation through the extension.

Flat roof skylights are often used as a family’s main living space so the last thing you’ll need is the room suffering from damp problems because of poor ventilation. Additionally, it’s vital the extension isn’t too hot or stuffy in the warmer months.

No matter what style extension you have, it’s incredibly important to think about making them openable to enable air flow throughout the extension.

Natural Temperature Control

As mentioned above, it’s essential that any new build or extension doesn’t get too chilly in the winter or too stuffy in the summer. Well fitted opening roof lights will allow users to open and close their skylights to control the temperature in the extension without putting the property in any danger. Usually, this is achieved by using a pole manually or operating via an electrical wall switch.

Energy Efficiency

Nowadays, the world is under increasing pressure because of human actions, so it’s reassuring to know that your property’s sky lantern aids in cutting down your energy consumption and costs, since it draws upon the never-ending renewable resource – the sun.

You can rest in the knowledge that you’re reducing your carbon footprint by using skylights and taking advantage of a clean energy source.

What’s more, rooflights make financial sense. During the winter months when the sun goes down earlier, they enable you to benefit from the limited hours of daylight whilst when the summer rolls around, you may never need to switch on your office or home lights.

Stylish to Look at

It goes without saying that roof lanterns have incredible aesthetic appeal and are bound to garner compliments from loved ones. After all, who wants an extension lacking in glass, so it feels too closed in?


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