Thinking about a new roof lantern this Spring?

April 9, 2017

Now the sun has come out, are you thinking more and more about investing in a new roof lantern? Whether you would like a large, ornamental roof lantern, or smaller roof lights, you’ll find a roof lantern to suit your particular requirement here at Prestige Roof Lanterns UK.

A couple of weeks ago, we already reviewed why it is a great idea to opt for a roof lantern during Springtime. However, now its April and the sun really is starting to shine, take a look at some of the roof lights and roof lanterns you may wish to have installed in your home this Spring.

Traditional Roof Lantern

You can’t go wrong with a traditional roof lantern, whether you live in a contemporary or historically-themed home.

Whether you choose an oak or timber traditional roof lantern, you can be sure that you will be adding an elegant feature to your property, that will improve both its value and aesthetic.

A large, traditional roof lantern is guaranteed to let the largest amount of light in as possible and tends to work well in large rooms and central rooms, such as the kitchen, lounge or dining room.

Rooflights and skylights

Although rooflights and skylights are generally smaller than our roof lanterns, they still let in a considerable amount of light into a room, particularly where two are three are installed.

Rooflights and skylights work really well in extensions, such as offices and conservatories (if you do not have an all-over glass roof).

What’s more, skylights tend to be a key feature of a loft room extension or garden room, allowing for a practical and great value window for these areas of the house.

Curved roof lanterns

Of course, although it is possible, you probably wouldn’t opt to install a curved roof lantern in a loft room. However, a curved roof lantern can be a great alternative to flat rooflights if you want to ensure the maximum amount of light enters the room as possible.

Curved roof lanterns are therefore a popular choice in rooms that have limited roof space, or surface area, for numerous rooflights.

The curved shape of the roof lantern reflects the sunlight in numerous directions to cover all corners of the room. Brilliant!

Need some advice on choosing your roof lantern this Spring?

Please do not hesitate to contact us at Prestige Roof Lanterns UK if you need some advice on choosing your roof lantern this Spring.

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