Traditional Roof Lanterns

July 9, 2016

At Prestige Roof Lanterns UK, we offer a range of both contemporary and traditional roof lanterns. Many people opt for contemporary roof lanterns for more modern styled properties, as well as for country and historical homes.

The more obvious choice for historically-themed homes, however, is undoubtedly a traditional roof lantern.

A traditional roof lantern from Prestige Roof Lanterns UK most definitely offers a classic, high-quality aesthetic and can be manufactured to your exact specifications. All of our products are premium products that are quality-assured for both your satisfaction, and ours.

We can manufacture traditional roof lanterns in standard and non-standard sizes. Therefore, our products are suitable for those looking for a completely bespoke and traditional roof lantern design.

All of our products are manufactured by highly-skilled craftsmen in our joinery and are made meticulously, and with care. At Prestige Roof Lanterns UK, our pride in creating premium products makes us a popular choice of traditional roof lantern manufacturer, for listed properties, conservation buildings as well as traditional homes.

Our ironmongery options also provide our customers with the opportunity to further customize your traditional roof lantern, for a unique, elegant and aesthetically- pleasing product that is in-keeping with the rest of your property.

Traditional Oak Roof Lanterns

As a well-known and historic wood product, oak is naturally a popular choice for traditional roof lanterns. Not only is oak a historical, elegant and stunning choice of wood, it is incredibly strong and durable and, therefore, most of us are confident to opt for a traditional oak roof lantern.

In addition, oak has a reputation of being a premium wood product and therefore represents the ultimate in luxurious living.

The common shapes for traditional oak roof lanterns include circular, domed, rectangular, square and triangular.

That said, at Prestige Roof Lanterns UK, we can manufacture any shape and size in our joinery.
Although oak is slightly more expensive than timber, many of us see a traditional oak roof lantern as a positive investment for our property and a real luxury, prestige product.

Traditional Timber Roof Lanterns

We take pride in our traditional timber roof lanterns here at Prestige Roof Lanterns UK. All of our timbers are economically-sourced and a sustainable choice of wood. In addition, we offer a number of high-quality colours and stains so that you can have a completely bespoke traditional timber roof lantern for your home.

The manufacturing process for our timber roof lanterns is completely flawless and our highly skilled craftsmen ensure that all of our traditional timber roof lanterns are made to the highest, most premium, quality possible.

Ultimately, whether you opt for an oak or timber traditional roof lantern, you can be sure to receive a high-quality, prestigious product from Prestige Roof Lanterns UK.

For more information on our Traditional Roof Lanterns, give us a call here at Prestige Roof Lanterns UK on 0843 886 7945.


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