The Health Benefits of Natural Light from Your Skylight Windows

Updated on July 23rd, 2019 at 12:01 pm
Published on 30 September 2015
“Let the natural light into your home with a skylight window”

Posted by: Laura Wakeham. on the 30th September 2015

Natural light is thought to be a healthy alternative to artificial light and, therefore, skylight windows should be a healthy addition to any home. But what are the benefits of natural light and how can it benefit the human body?

Here are 5 health benefits of natural light from your skylight windows:

1. Natural light increases productivity and efficiency.
Natural light is an energizing property and recent studies suggest it boosts both productivity and work performance. Although these studies refer to natural light in the office, undoubtedly natural light in the home must also have a similar effect. So, perhaps your skylight windows can help you work harder.

2. Natural light provides the human body with a boost of Vitamin D.
The main source of vitamin D is, in fact, sunlight and is integral to our body’s function. Although we can also receive vitamin D from our diet, skylight windows in the home could potentially help regulate our vitamin D levels, particularly in the winter when the weather is more changeable and we tend to have less daylight.

3. Daylight makes you feel happier.
It is proven that sunlight makes you feel happier. Perhaps then, skylight windows could help you feel happier by bringing more natural light into your home!

4. Natural Light could potentially offer less financial stress.
Having more natural light in the home, may mean you use less artificial light, and will therefore reduce your electricity bill. Perhaps then skylight windows can slightly reduce your financial stress too!

5. Natural light has a huge effect on many aspects of the human physiology.
Above all, daylight spurs on the human body clock and it is important to receive appropriate levels of light at different times of the day. In the morning, brighter light wakes us up and gives us energy, while at night, dimmer light cues us to fall asleep.
It is clear then that natural light has a huge effect on our lifestyle. If you, for example, receive natural light from your skylight windows in the morning, you are likely to feel energized and ready for the day ahead.
Want some more information about the benefits of skylight windows? Or perhaps you would like a quote for installing skylight windows in your home? Contact us at Prestige Roof Lanterns UK on 0843 886 7949.

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