Considering the Advantages of Roof Lanterns and Skylights over Artificial Lighting

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Published on 21 August 2015
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Posted by: Laura Wakeham. on the 05th August 2015

Roof lanterns and skylights are ultimately installed to provide natural light in the home and are often viewed as a luxury addition to a property. But why should roof lanterns and skylights be installed rather than artificial lighting?


Firstly, daylight is free and also an environmentally-friendly source which means that a roof lantern or skylight can save on your electricity bills and help towards protecting the planet for a more sustainable future.

That said, a roof lantern or skylight will be considerably more expensive to install than artificial lighting so you may not reap the rewards on saving on your electricity bills until a few years down the line.
At Roof Lanterns UK, we offer competitive prices for our roof lanterns and skylights. Give us a call on 0843 886 7949 or fill in an enquiry form on the website for an individual price estimate. You can find the enquiry form here: enquiry-form.

The Benefits of Natural Light

In addition, the natural light coming into your property can help lift your mood. Apparently, many people nowadays suffer from a lack of vitamin D which is mainly sourced from exposure to sunlight. According to the NHS website, Vitamin D helps to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body and a Vitamin D deficiency can lead to rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults.

In addition, a lack of sunlight exposure can lead to a low mood and depression, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is a type of depression known as “winter depression” and is caused primarily by a reduced exposure to sunlight. Ultimately, when the days get shorter and people see less daylight, their energy levels decrease and their mood drops.

Although having artificial light in the home is not necessarily a cause of Vitamin D deficiency or SAD, the benefits of natural light are clear. From health to happiness, having more natural light in your home can perhaps lead to a better mood and improved health.

What’s more, daylight can actually increase our productivity and make us more alert and, since daylight is much brighter than artificial light, it has a greater influence on our bodies.

Luxury Home Addition

Finally, a roof lantern or skylight makes a luxury addition to your property and has a brilliant appearance from both inside and out.

The sheer amount of light that can enter the home from a roof light or skylight in comparison to artificial light is a great benefit and will make your home brighter and lighter!

Without doubt, you’ll be switching the lights on and off far less often and changing light bulbs much less frequently!

For more information on roof lanterns and skylights as well as the benefits of natural light over artificial light, contact Roof Lanterns UK on 0843 886 7949.

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