The Differences between a Roof Light and a Roof Lantern

Updated on July 18th, 2019 at 11:58 am
Published on 19 June 2015

“What is the difference between a roof light and lantern?”

Posted by: Laura Wakeham. on the 19th June 2015

Roof lights and roof lanterns are becoming popular additions to our homes and offer us the opportunity to add natural light and an open-air feel to our properties. Many people opt for roof lanterns or roof lights rather than glass rooms or glass roofs.
When considering installing a roof light or roof lantern though, we should really consider the difference between the two before we go ahead and alter our homes.

Roof Lights

A roof light is singular window pane that is usually fitted to a flat roof to allow more natural light into the room. They are generally thought to allow more light into the room than standard windows.

Roof lights are often used for loft conversions and where windows would look out of place, as well as barn conversions where installing windows wouldn’t be permitted by planning laws. Depending on the roof style, walk on rooflights for flat roofs gives that extra premium finish too.

They can also be used as viewpoints at the top of the stairs or as an opening onto a roof garden.
Prestige Roof Lanterns UK offer high quality roof lights for home owners, businesses and trades people that are made to exact measurements for simple installation. We offer roof lights and flush roof lights. Flush roof lights are similar to conventional roof lights but are designed to sit flush with the roofline.

Roof Lanterns

A roof lantern is very similar to a roof light but is not made up of one single window pane, instead it is made up of numerous windows that join together and often form a dome shape, such as flat roof dome skylights. A roof lantern becomes a large feature in a home, that’s usually cheaper than a similar sized roof light, and are known to add a feeling of additional space.

Roof lanterns, particularly timber roof lanterns, work well in Victorian-style properties and offer an affordable means of encouraging more natural light into your home.

That said, with such a wide range of roof lanterns available, they also look impressive in modern homes.
Prestige Roof Lanterns UK offer a wide range of roof lanterns that are made from a number of different materials and designs, including hardwood, timber and curved roof lanterns.

Things to Consider before Purchasing a Roof Light or Roof Lantern
It is necessary to consider the security of your home, as a glass roof is much less private than a conventional roof. In addition, you should think about how you will keep the glass clean and whether a glass roof light or roof lantern will pass building regulations. You may need to obtain planning permission.

What’s more, for both roof lights and roof lanterns you will need to think about having blinds installed, especially for the warmer summer months. You will also need to think about how air will circulate in the room. You should consider how many windows you have in the room already and if you will need an air conditioner or ventilator.
For more information on choosing between a roof light and roof lantern, call Prestige Roof Lanterns UK on 0843 886 7949.

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