Manufacturing a Roof Lantern with a CNC Machine

Updated on July 23rd, 2019 at 12:02 pm
Published on 31 October 2014
Posted by: George W. on the 31st October 2014

At our joinery, we use custom CNC machines to manufacture roof lanterns, orangeries, conservatories, bifold doors, hardwood windows and doors and other structures. Each unit is manufactured in stages, CAD designers are initially responsible for designing the product and drafting the product in 3D. Once the design and configuration is approved, the machine is programmed to manufacture each component piece by piece.

As each component is finished, it goes on to the following stages which are dealt with by individual craftsmen who finish the product, add on any features, and carry out the final preperations before the unit goes off to be treated and sprayed. Your roof lantern will undergo the same procedure, each time a lantern is manufactured, it will be done differently from the last. No single lantern is manufactured the same, each one undergoes it’s own manufacturing procedure, namely down to the CAD drawings and planning.

Every lantern made in our joinery is “Bespoke”, you’ll get a product tailored to your specifications. The video above shows just one of our CNC machines at work.

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