Whether in a kitchen, corridor, bathroom or loft, a roof window can dramatically enhance a home. Not just at home though, commercial premises can also brighten dark spaces with natural light by fitting a roof window and letting the sunlight, as well as fresh air, flood in.


But how do you choose your roof window?

In the Prestige Roof Lantern UK bespoke range of roof windows, you’ll be sure to find a style to suit your home. To give a more traditional feel, a hardwood opening roof light can add real style, as well as natural daylight to a darker corner of a room.



In contrast to cheaper alternatives, like softwood or UPVC, the hardwood windows supplied by Prestige Roof Lanterns UK, will immediately give the reassurance of an attractive addition to your home as well as longevity – with proper care you should get decades of pleasure from your installation.



When planning your roof window, and choosing its design, it is worth taking the time to consider whether the window will have sunshine on it all day.  

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your property overshadowed by a neighbouring property?
  • How large the room is and the type of roof which will be housing the window?
  • Consider that large may not always better. The clever-placing of a smaller window could provide just as much light without dominating a room.



The amount of ventilation in a particular area of the property can influence the size, and type, of opening. These windows can have a surprisingly large impact on damp issues, lighting bills and with careful planning should significantly add to a home’s aesthetic appeal, and even its value.


If you have any queries about any of your options or would like a quotation for your window, why not fill out our Enquiry Form?



It is worth considering the glazing options available for your roof lantern too. You could opt for untreated, completely clear glass to maximise light, or perhaps a tinted, patterned or frosted glass. The bonus of frosted glass would be to offer some privacy if the window is overlooked by another property.


Access to your roof

The roof window could offer the additional benefit of providing access onto your roof itself, which might otherwise be inaccessible.

The window could also be used an emergency escape route.

Consider locking systems, maybe making the openings childproof, or having a remote control operation.



Your roof window could be hinged at the top, allowing the whole window frame to let light and air flood the room below.

Alternatively, you may opt for a centre pivoting window, with the flexibility of still having weather protection, even when it is slightly open.

There is also the option for having side opening windows where the location allows.


Choose your hardwood

The architectural style of the window isn’t your only choice, our products are bespoke and crafted to suit your exact requirements – you can choose your own hardwood and we can provide this with a finish to truly complement your home and can choose from an array of stylish fittings.


Prestige Roof Lanterns UK can provide additional rot proofing or other options, like self- cleaning glass.

We can also provide expert guidance on how to place the window structurally.


Our team will be more than happy to offer support with these, and any other design features, simply call us on 0843 886 7949 or contact us with your query.

Any of your choices can be combined to ensure the window you choose has the style, finish, security and energy-efficiency that is perfect for you.